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Tauranga Shakespeare Festival 2024

A Weekend With Will | 21 April 2024 | SUNDAY PROGRAMME

Sunday 21st:

Run Down

10am - Opening Ceremony with Maypole Danicng

10:30 - Art Gallery opens with "Shakespeare Unplugged" - open for the day

10:30 - Stalls and Markets Open  - open for the day

10:30 - Kids Costume Corner - open for the day

11:00 - NZSSCS - New Zealand Stage and Screen Combat School - will be hosting archery and axe throwing throughout the day for an additional price for participants; also a demonstration of medieval combat

11:00 -  Games on the Green (Skittles and Hobby Horse)

12:00 - Poetry Workshop with Jenny Argante held at the Village Cinema - this is an additional fee workshop - exploring the world of Shakespearean poetry and sonnets, actively encouraging participants to create thier own.

12:00 - Elizabethan Bring-Your-Own Picnic at The Incubator Creative Hub

2:30 - Screening of "Shakespeare in Love" at the Village Cinema

3:30 - Performances by the public who have entered into the Monologue Competition - with a cash Prize - held at the Amphitheatre

4:30 - 6:00pm - Various performances of dance, theatre and music held at the Amphitheatre to end the day.

Detailed Programme Schedule

10:00 AM - Opening Ceremony

  • Welcome Speech and Introduction (by spokesperson of CRAFT)

  • Overview of the Day's Events

  • Acknowledgment of Sponsors, Partners, and Special Guests

10:30 AM - Shakespeare Unplugged: Art Gallery Event

  • All Day Event

  • Dive into the world of Shakespeare through art at the "Shakespeare Unplugged" gallery. This special showcase features artwork with a Shakespeare theme, celebrating his legacy through visual arts. Located throughout the village, available for viewing all day.

10:30 PM - Kids' Costume Corner Opens

  • All Day Event

  • A magical area for children to dive into the world of Shakespeare through dress-up and play. Featuring a wide range of costumes, the Kids' Costume Corner offers a fun and interactive way for the youngest festival-goers to engage with the day's theme.

  • Deposit required to take the costume for the day

  • Extra Cost to have your photo taken or be part of a video

11:00 AM - Medieval Stalls and Artisan Market Open

  • All Day Event

  • Explore medieval stalls offering Shakespeare-inspired artwork, crafts, local produce, and Elizabethan-themed treats. Enjoy the ambiance as you wander through the Historic Village.

11:00 -  Games on the Green (Skittles and Hobby Horse)

  • All Day Event

11:30 AM - NZ Screen and Stage Combat School Presents: Axe Throwing, Archery, and Combat

  • All Day Event, Managed by Alex Holloway

  • Test your skills in axe throwing, archery, and witness thrilling duelling and combat demonstrations in a specially designated area. Managed by the esteemed Alex Holloway of NZ Screen and Stage Combat School, this interactive experience brings the excitement of medieval sportsmanship to life.

  • Extra Cost per person

12:00 PM - Poetry Workshop: Modern and Shakespearean Love Sonnets

  • Location: Village Cinema

  • Duration: 2 hours (12pm-2pm)

  • Cost: $10 per person

  • Engage with the timeless beauty of love sonnets, guided by expert poets. This workshop invites participants to explore and create, inspired by Shakespeare and contemporary voices alike.

2:30 PM - Screening: Shakespeare in Love

  • Location: Village Cinema

  • Unwind with the enchanting film "Shakespeare in Love," following the poetry workshop. A narrative that beautifully intertwines love, drama, and the essence of Shakespearean influence.

3:30 PM - Monologue Competition

  • Duration: 1 hour

  • Witness the power of spoken word in our Monologue Competition. With prize money at stake, performers will bring their best Shakespearean monologues to life. A showcase of talent, passion, and the enduring relevance of Shakespeare's words.

  • Prize:  $500 | Free Entry

4:30 PM - Sonnet and Soliloquy Showcase

  • Experience the beauty of Shakespeare’s sonnets and soliloquies, presented by participants, special guests, and potentially competition standouts. A celebration of linguistic artistry and emotional depth.

5:30 PM - Shakespearean Performances and Music

  • As the day winds down, enjoy the final performances and musical showcases. Our talented troupe and musicians bring the festival to a memorable close with impromptu Shakespearean scenes and enchanting melodies.

6:30 PM - Festival Closing

  • Closing Remarks

  • Special Thanks to Participants, Guests, Organizers, and Sponsors

Throughout the Day

  • Shakespearean Performances: Delight in impromptu performances scattered throughout the village.

  • Food & Beverage: Feast on a selection of Elizabethan-themed treats and refreshments available all day.

Tickets & Information

  • Tickets available online and at the entrance. Advance booking recommended for workshops and cinema screening due to limited space.

  • For more details, workshop registration, and ticket purchases, please visit our website or contact the Craft Management Charitable Trust.

We invite you to join us in celebrating the timeless brilliance of Shakespeare at the Historic Village, Tauranga. A day filled with art, performance, and the spirit of the Elizabethan era awaits you.

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