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What is   Craft?

Craft 's(CRAFT Management Charitable Trust) purpose is to establish and maintain the operation of an education AND production centre that will provide training, collaboration and mentorship for those within the film, theatre, radio and television industry.


Supporting women, Maori, Pacifica and ethnic and neuro-diverse communities and other ability persons in providing scholarships and internships to further develop and hone their film, radio and television professional skills.

"Get a huge dream - and never apologise to anyone for it!                                                                                              ~ Malcolm James

Our Values



What we have learned especially since 2020 is the value of getting together. The power and synergy that comes from that process of creative minds developing a project together. We were made to be in harmony with one another - a strong community is where we do our best work. Connection is just as valuable as the process and the outcome. Whanau is craft.



One thing that is important in your decision in joining craft is our culture of collaborating. In this industry you rarely find one person who can do it all.... this industry runs on the basis of a team. Collaborating with others who have skills sets different then your own will enhance your creative process and outcomes. It makes the journey more meaningful and you feel supported.



We put a strong emphasis on education, expanding and building on your already skill set. Whether it's taking an official training program, regular weekly classes, workshops, joining our internship program or receiving a scholarship. There is plenty of ways for you to keep moving, growing and developing at craft. You will not be seeing the mold growing under your feet here. 



A Place to Stand

It literally means "standing place" (tūranga) and feet (waewae) Tūrangawaewae are places where we feel empowered and connected. They are the foundation, our place in the world, our home.  Tūrangawaewae is craft. 


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